Every morning, I go outside to pray and meditate. I thank my Higher Power for my sobriety, for helping me go to bed sober the night before so I could wake up without a hangover on another beautiful day.

And every morning something catches my eye or my ear. It could be a bird or a cloud or the particular beauty of a sun ray streaming through the leaves.

This morning it was a tiny green inchworm. There’s nothing particularly special about inchworms. It’s fun to watch them move along a leaf, but other than that I don’t know much about them.

I found out today that they turn into Geometer Moths

geometer moth
Geometer Moth

and, just like there’s all different kinds and colors of inch worms, there’s all different kinds and colors of geometer moths.

As I watched this inchworm, it fell from the leaf. It must have been the breeze that brushed it from the leaf’s edge.

The worm stayed on the ground for a moment as though it were stunned. Then it stretched upward and, to my amazement, crawled up into thin air.

Inchworm in Locomotion

I could not see the invisible thread that connected it to the tree, but slowly, one inch at a time, the worm crawled its way back up to the safety and nourishment of its leaf.

I learned later that inchworms connect themselves to their habitats with silk threads. This way they can climb back to their shelters should they happen to fall off.

How much like the inchworm am I! Having hit a rock bottom, I am slowly crawling my way back up to a place of hope and light – a place I have always been connected to by an unbreakable thread of faith.

I call this thread unbreakable because it does not come from me – it comes from my Higher Power. As I stay in gratitude and meditate on my Higher Power and my relationship with her, I inch my way closer to a life of wholeness and balance.

Today I am grateful I woke up sober and was able to witness the miracle of the inchworm.


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