I have an announcement!

Counting Bluebirds is gaining a writer. I can’t guarantee how often he’ll write because he works odd hours at a stressful, demanding job. But I can guarantee that what he brings to the table will be insightful.

I’ve been married to him for nearly 10 years, and he has 4 years of sobriety. He has withstood the worst of my alcoholism and addiction (see the post I wrote here, about marriage and sobriety). Through it all, he stayed sober.

He has been an amazing support for me throughout my recovery journey, and I’m very excited to be able to share his perspective on alcoholism, sobriety, and the recovery journey with all of you.

Expect an eclectic, philosophical viewpoint on what it means to be sober and what it takes to stay sober. Expect truth and honesty on the tough, gritty parts of life that people don’t like to talk about.

This is a new direction for Counting Bluebirds that I’m excited to be taking in the new year. Stay tuned for the first post from The Black Hawk and The Lonely Dove soon!




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