I’m taking a huge step out of my safe little shell… I’m not just announcing a sister site to Counting Bluebirds, I’m announcing that, with the help of a friend, I’ve started a fundraiser for a wonderful lady who is bedridden with multiple sclerosis (MS).

This lady (Jake) is a hero to so many women. It’s time someone stepped up to be a hero for her. She needs help, so I’ve pledged to run a half marathon in her honor, raising money for her as I train.

We’ve set the goal high – $10,000 – but that’s because the need is so great. Jake can’t get out of bed without help. Her doctors have to visit her in her home. She lives with crippling migraines and daily agony, and medicaid doesn’t cover the cost of her medication.

You can read more about Jake on my new sister site: https://run4jake.org/

You can also check out our Giving Grid here: https://www.givinggrid.com/run4jake/

Please help me help this wonderful lady. I know you’ve never met her – neither have I. But the wonderful stories I’ve heard about her tell me she’s a person who deserves the help.

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