The amount of resources on the Internet for bipolar disorder, addiction, and disordered eating can be overwhelming. I’m gradually finding blogs of people who are sharing their experience with these struggles.

If you’d like to be seen on this page, please contact me with a link to your blog or website. I’d be happy to feature you!

Mental Health Blogs

The Bipolar Battle

Written by someone who struggles with bipolar disorder, The Bipolar Battle covers what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder and offers solutions for those struggling with bipolar. John Poehler provides “innovative information and products and services related to conquering this illness.”

Yeah OCD (?)(!)

This is a blog about living with a special kind of OCD. It’s also about mental health, but it’s an especially good look into what it’s like to live with a mental illness. One way we defeat the stigma surrounding mental illness is by sharing our stories of living with mental illness, and this blog does a fantastic job of doing that.

Addiction Recovery Blogs

365 Days A Year

A day-to-day outline of life in recovery. This blog is an unvarnished look at what it means to be an alcoholic in recovery, living life on life’s terms. Full of grace and serenity, yet still combating the daily questions we all face, this blogger shows what it really means to live life as an alcoholic.

Almost An Alcoholic

What’s it like to be a dad to two kids when you’re trying to stay sober and your wife has just left? This blog tells you all about it – minute by minute. The boredom, the good moods, the bad moods, and all the little things that add up to life are what this blog’s about.

Better Living Blogs

My Best Friend Adeline: Kindness, Compassion and Coaching

My Best Friend Adeline is a blog full of positivity. It’s about maintaining a positive outlook on life and practicing self-care. I love this blog! In a world so full of negative thinking and anger, we need a blog like this to remind us to be kind to others and to ourselves.